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Passion & Purpose

As a clinical social worker who specialized in working with children and families, I had many ideas about how I wanted to raise my children, but as many parents will tell you, you think you know until you are there and sometimes your plans and ideas about what a child needs or how you feel about being a parent changes...and that’s okay!


When my first son was born and I began looking for parenting support, I came across a couple of local Waldorf Schools that offered Parent Child classes in hopes to find some community and guidance, and what I received was so much more. 


Attending these classes offered space to observe my child in a peaceful, age appropriate environment and the biggest value was that

it gave me an image of what parenting and family life could be~

An image that was both inspiring and what I deemed to be worthy of imitation. 


The classes were held with the approaches of both Waldorf Education and RIE (Resources for Infant Educarers) and they both resonated in my heart deeply and shaped the type of parent I would be proud to become. Since 2016, I've been studying, practicing and sharing my enthusiasm for raising children with gentle love, trust and authenticity and I'm so honored to share this passion with you and your family. 

My Mission is to support young children and their families in developing authentic relationships that foster their unique growth pathways by providing curated play spaces and offering adult education on parenting strategies, healthy home rhythms, self care and homemade Natural toys


Whichever hat I’m wearing, I strive to meet people where they are, and identify their personal gifts. 


I believe that there is no one right way to parent, teach, learn, or grow. I want to help adults connect to themselves and their children so that they can clearly observe their child’s competencies and also gain clarity about what they themselves could benefit from working on. 

I am motivated by the idea that I can do my small part to better our world through sharing with others what was gifted to me by my parents, teachers and mentors~an understanding that parenting is a human journey that requires grace, creativity, curiosity and joy. 

I want the same for you.

to discover and bring to fruition your dreams about parenting and

to achieve a sense of purpose in each interaction you have with the children in your life. 

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