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✨Handmade Natural Toys to Bring Delight✨

Though I've been making art and crafting toys since I was very young, after having children, my passion for creating beautiful playthings became exponential. I am self taught and enjoy sharing what I've learned with others. I have held workshops for adults and children as young as 3 years old, for individuals and groups, in schools, in the community and in private homes.

Let's make some crafting magic together!


What I know to be true is that...

🌀It feels good to make things.

🌀Creativity leads to mental flow.

🌀Learning a new skill builds confidence.

🌀Finishing a projects creates purpose and joy.

🌀Making homemade gifts shows love and appreciation.

🌀Surrounding yourself with beauty nourishes the soul.



I specialize in working with natural materials such as wool, cotton, wax, and materials found in nature.

Some Ideas for what we can make together...

🌀Hand Sewn Waldorf Dolls 
🌀Needle Felted Sculptures and Dolls
🌀Seasonal Table Dolls 
🌀Wet Felted Puppets
🌀Wet Felted Bowls and Vessels

🌀Felted Tapestries

🌀Felted Play Crowns

🌀Plant Dyed Silks and Cloths

🌀Poured or Rolled Beeswax Candles

🌀Crochet Blankets & Housewares

🌀Floral and Lettering Embroidery 

🌀Pom Pom Crafts 

🌀Wood Burned Housewares

🌀Weaving and Finger-knitting 

🌀Acrylic Painting on Wood Decor 

🌀Air Dry Clay Sculpture 

🌀Peg Dolls

Contact me to collaborate on a unique handwork project curated just for you or a group of friends. The possibilities are endless! 

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