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What a Parent Child Session at Child Light Studio Offers...

~ a peaceful homelike environment 

~ access to age appropriate toys made of character-free, natural,

    materials that encourage open ended creative play.

~ opportunities to sensitively observe your child and

    reflect on what they are working on, attuning to your "whole child".

~ a joyful circle time that offers seasonal songs, finger plays and developmentally appropriate movement

   and physical bonding with caregivers.

~ a community of warmth and support that enables you to develop your own intuition and "parent-self".

~open discussions on relevant topics that nurture the joy and respect we have for our young children.

~ articles and information from Waldorf, RIE, and related resources to support your own growth and learning.

Flow of Class


Meeting Weekly for 8 Week Sessions, 9:30AM-11:00AM

Arrival & Free Play

Group Checkin 

Observation Period


Seasonal Circle

Organic Snack (for classes serving children 18mo +)

Final Thoughts

🌀 Please note that this type of facilitated play group invites parents to sit in the periphery of the room, and the teacher to provide physical proximity to the children throughout the play space in order to support their social interactions and gross motor challenges. This allows caregivers to sensitively observe what their child is working on.

We have conversations about...

  • Sensitively Observing Our Children

  • Caregiving Rhythms

  • Freedom & Self Initiated Play 

  • Natural Movement & Brain Development

  • Sleep, Crying & Toileting 

  • Curating Your Child’s Environment

  • Authentic Boundaries & Gentle Disciple 

  • Play Schemas &  How Children Learn 

  • Communicating With Children

  • Self Care & Self Awareness for the Adult

  • Parenting Styles & Baby’s Temperaments

  • Caring for the “Whole” Child

  • Mindful Parenting Practices

Natural Play Baby
Serving children 6 months-18 months

Babies in this class are typically rolling over and sitting up. Some are crawling and beginning to stand and cruise.

This special time in your baby's development is when they really start to become interactive and yearn for that connection with others. We see the early development of humor, language, hand eye coordination, pretend play and imitation. It is a time when caregiver attatchment is strong and there is also a pull for a child to explore their world outside of their caregiver's arms. This is a great opportunity to feed that impulse in a safe and caring environment.

Tuesday mornings this Fall 2023 in Orinda 
Natural Play Toddler
Serving children 19 months-2.5 years 

Toddlers in this class are typically standing, walking, and some are tip-toeing.

Children who participate in this class are experimenting with what their bodies and objects can do and enjoy being in the presence of others. We see practice with sharing, expression of preferences and shared goals. This is an opportunity to develop social skills and flex the desire to grow their physical capacities. 

This toddler class includes an offering of a small organic snack that children are invited to participate in but not required. It is an opportunity for them to experience meeting the expectations of sitting in community with others and receiving care from another adult. 

Wednesday mornings this Fall 2023 in Orinda

Upcoming Sessions

Fall 2023 :: Orinda Community Center 

This fall I will be offering two 8 week sessions

Natural Play Baby Tuesdays ~9:30-11am 

Session 1 :: September 5th-October 24th

Session 2 :: October 31st- December 19th

Natural Play Toddler ~9:30-11am 

Session 1 :: September 6th-October 25th

Session 2 :: November 1st-December 20th 

$240 Per Session to be paid to City of Orinda via their Parks and Recreation Department

Please Contact me for additional information

My Promise

 I promise to meet your family where you are and hold you with respect, understanding and compassion.

 I promise to create a safe, warm, nourishing environment that breeds a healthy mind, body and spirit.

 I promise to provide safe equipment that fosters creativity, sensory exploration and confidence.

 I promise to remain motivated by wonder, friendship and reverence as your family invites me into your unique human experience.

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